Co2 Extract Vape Pen


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Strain Highlights

These extract vape pens have half a gram of OG Kush C02 extract in every pen. They have superior flavour and stand out amongst the many competitors on the market. We decided to carry these because of their continued consistency of flavour, potency and dependability.  In other words they’re tried tested and true. They’re best suited for discreet smoking when you need to sneak in a quick puff.


– Each pen has roughly 100-150 quick puffs or 30-50 deep hauls depending on how huge you hit it.

– If you pass it around a large party you will either drain the tank or burn the battery. Go easy on the battery its not your $400 vape pen.

– These pens are disposable no need for charging or cleaning.

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Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half, Ounce


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